Saturday, February 9, 2008


hey hey.hey.ive been wandering in why do lotsa ppl hv their own blogs. right now i already know why so i wanna give it a try. x) there's no need to intro myself i think.hee. i'll write bout wht i did today. hmm. today i went to 'Janda Baik' with my family.its a place aka 'Bukit Tinggi',lebih kurang otw to Genting. My late grandfather owned a place named 'Shangri-La-Kita'.But my late grandfather n my grandma didnt live there as they make it as a rest house for their children and relatives. I still rmember dat when I was a child my family n my cousins will go there n spend our weekends there. We'll do bbq and i hardly can forget dat moments cuz it was really fun :D Tetapi kini hanya tinggal memori kerna tanah tersebut akan dijual ;( I really hope that my mum's siblings will changed their mind in not selling that place so that the next generation will get the chance to have a look at the beauty of nature in Janda