Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dear Heart.

I know I've been hard on you.
I'm sorry for the things I've put you through.
Before you start to break on me.
I need to make you see.
Oh, heart.
I'm not sure it's been long enough.
To say that what I feel is really love.
There is just one way to learn.
Give it time, help me through.
Heart, we can do this together.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


.Happy Valentines Day.
Though it's not my culture to celebrate it but it reminds me to appreciate my loved ones.
My family, bestfriends, cousins, fellows & so on.
Spread the love people, not only today


Thursday, February 12, 2009

.The Voice Within.

Currently doing the history of Gaza, regarding for Modern Issues subject.
Goin' back to Malacca in another couple of hours :)
My thought right now is about 'Shape of Love'.
So, here it goes;
Shape your life by the way you think.
Shape your thinking by the way you love.
Shape your love by your willingness to open your heart.
Open your heart by your sheer desire to experience more love.
Savor the moments that you are goin' through right now as the moment can be transform to Eternity.
Do not hide your feelings from yourself.
Feel the love within you and allow it to speak on your behalf.
Do not force yorself to fall for someone as the day will come to you without you expecting it.
Love is a constant motion where it will knock your door & the choice is in you, whether you are goin' to let it in or not.




hari ini dalam sejarah setelah sekian lama mendengar ura-ura bahawa

'Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical'
akan ditayangkan semula dan akhirnya pada 6 FEB 2009 bermulalah segalanya :)

thank you Uncle Eddy for accompannying & 'belanja' me to watch it as my belated birthday gift :))

3 jam berada dalam teater tanpa rasa bosan.

Overall, the theatre's about Kisah Cinta Yang Agung Antara Gusti Putri Retno Dumilah & Hang Tuah.

Betapa tegarnya hati Sang Puteri untuk meninggalkan tanah air sendiri demi untuk bersama orang yang dicintai.

Babak-babak yang paling disukai:

1. Nenek Kebayan muncul memberi amaran agar Hang Tuah & 7 Rombongan pulang ke Melaka semula.

2. Nyanyian lagu 'Melaka Terbilang' antara Sultan Mahmud & rakyat jelata.

3. Tujuh Syarat Agung yang dikenakan oleh Puteri terhadap Sultan & di mana Sultan hampir menikam anaknya lalu muncul Puteri untuk menghentikannya.

A BIG applause to Tiara Jacquelina because she's really into the 'Puteri' character, AC Mizal for the intonation of his voice in 'Gusti Adipati' character and Ida Mariana as the guardian towards puteri, the dancers and etc.

Kesimpulannya, everyone yang terlibat dalam pementasan ni memang buat yang TERBAIK!!!


my baik hati uncle bought me a book, chosen by me & approved by him.

the title is ' How To Be Single'. In the search for might just need a passport (The quote)