Thursday, January 8, 2009

New New New

Lying on the floor,thinking about what's coming ahead.
New sem? currently.
New assignments? definitelyyy.
New friends? yeaahh :)
New roommates? still the same roomies except atah is moving outside so Raja is moving in.
New hair? i used to decide to cut my hair short but nevermind,i'll stick with this current hair x)
New boyfriend? secreto de amor.
New desires? got plenty of them but the big one is goin' to Bandung,hopefully.Amin.
New movies? yeahhh,Harry Potter,Watchmen,Transformers,X-men Wolverine,Fast & Furious :D
New family members? my sister in law is giving birth end of May this year.Insyaallah.Amin.
New enemies? I prefer not to have one.
I'm happy right now but I want to be more happier and then be the most happiest person.
I hope that happiness will find me while I'm searching more of it.

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