Thursday, February 12, 2009

.The Voice Within.

Currently doing the history of Gaza, regarding for Modern Issues subject.
Goin' back to Malacca in another couple of hours :)
My thought right now is about 'Shape of Love'.
So, here it goes;
Shape your life by the way you think.
Shape your thinking by the way you love.
Shape your love by your willingness to open your heart.
Open your heart by your sheer desire to experience more love.
Savor the moments that you are goin' through right now as the moment can be transform to Eternity.
Do not hide your feelings from yourself.
Feel the love within you and allow it to speak on your behalf.
Do not force yorself to fall for someone as the day will come to you without you expecting it.
Love is a constant motion where it will knock your door & the choice is in you, whether you are goin' to let it in or not.


bungaohhbunga said...

ini sangat subjektif syikin alfian.
kita masih muda dan bergaya.
long way to go bebeh!

Syikin Alfian said...


maditheman said...

anda semua muda dan bergaya!
folo the flow channel je!

Syikin Alfian said...

yes madi!