Monday, November 24, 2008

.Five Is My Favourite Number.

Today I just stay at home only and spent time with my dear Dhia Danisha =))

22NoV----->Hang out with Atah,Dee,Anbreen & Nopal.Watched 'Quarantine' movie. It's the scariest but at the same time the most hilarious movie I've ever seen. You should watch it,then you'll know ;)
One of my favorite dessert's EGG TART & i did found a place in Pavillion that sells yummy yummy egg tart :D

21Nov-----> This is the day that my front hair had been cut x)

20Nov-----> A memorable day for my sister. It's called 'LongCall @ Call To The Bar'.
CONGRATS!!! I'm Proud of you ;)


Happy Birthday To Neesa. May ALLAH bless you always dear.

19Nov-----> My brother,sister in law, her 2 brothers,atah & me went to Istana Budaya to watch Impak Maksima The Musical. They did the car drifting scene. It had been co-directed by ZulHuzaimi with Cat Farish and Belalang as the music director and choreographer


Credit to Ahmad Idham for proposing the idea of doing the Impak Maksima The Musical :))


lina nordin said...

laaa chicken ada jgk blog. kasik ur email. i invite u ;)

Nisa Lokman said...

neesa mane seyh?

tgk muvee x ajak...

Syikin Alfian said... neesa lain dear.hee :)

hanyellis said...

lah u ke chicken perk perk.

little miss shy said...

eh chickennn! mane egg tart yg sdap tuuu? i pon suke. ala brtmbah gmok la akuuu :( ahahaha

Syikin Alfian said...

still ada lg in pavi,no worries babe ;)