Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It has been 9 months that I didn't touch my blog x) Now I'm on my semester break for 1 month and half so I guess I do have time for blogging. It has been 2 days that I've been sitting at home only. Bangun, nonton Tv, makan & minum. Boring boring but luckily I have my 'Nur Dhia Danisha' yg dijaga oleh my neighbour, Makcik Intan. For these few days, I went to Makcik Intan's house for few times just to check whether Baby D's sleeping or awake cuz I love to 'mengagah2' her. This evening I watched Premonition acting by Sandra Bullock. The movie did touch me because it shows that we should appreciate everything that we had in our life before it's too late.n yes,the ending was sad.
At night, I've watched 'Made Of Honor' for d 2nd time. Romantikkkkk :D
I still remember that the last time I read a novel, 'P.S. I Love You' was about few months ago & I still havent finish reading it. So lazyyy.ho ho. But 2nite, I've bear in mind dat i'll start reading it all over again.yeaaa, i know that the novel's already being published for quite sometime, but who cares? xoxo.

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p/s: i love you. waaa sho shweet (: